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 Lutheran Church of the Atonement Provides many opportunities for people to serve at the church and serve the surrounding community. Below is a list of the many different ways you can help make a differences in are community. 

Please be aware that certain activities may be placed on hold

Marble Surface

In house Services 

Community Services 

ACCT- Atonement Creation Care Team 

Works to Improve Congregational and individual stewardship of creation through education and innovative programs.


A powerful ministry where one individual shepherds 3-5 families through prayer, caring conversation, and updates about happening in the church. This offers a great way to keep faith authentic, to commit to the gospel, to connect with others, and to share faith. 

Vibrant Faith Ministries

Vibrent faith is about authentic and shared faith in the family, the church, and the community. The Family is the hub of passing on faith. Vibrant faith. Vibrant Faith provides tool to make faith more vibrant in your home. 


Beginning in the 6th grade, youth assist in worship. thing like lighting the alter candles and helping with communion. 


High school youth carry the cross in processionals and assist in worship.

Assisting Ministers

Ministers read lessons, serve communion, lead prayers, and assist at the altar.

Altar Guild 

Members set up and clean up for holy communion, refill candles, clean robes and linens, and maintain the chancel area.


Outgoing people offer hospitality to those who come to worship. 


Members-- men, women, and youth-- assist at all public services. 

Counting teams

Counters are responsible to count Saturday and Sunday contributions.

Congregations in service (C.I.S)

 CIS is a organization of multiple North County Churches coming together to make a difference for the community.

Feed My Starving Children

 2021 will be the third year that working with CIS, we will have a food packing event in support of the Feed My Starving Children Organization.          

    Donations to purchase the supplies and volunteers to organize the event along with volunteers to pack the food are needed.

For more information :      

Thanksgiving Dinner 

Each year members of Atonement, and their friends prepare and deliver complete thanksgiving meals for the homeless population of the area.

Red Bags 

  Have you ever wanted help the person on the street corner? But, not wanted to give money?    Grab a Red Bag at the door and provide non perishable food in a convenient little bag to hand out. You can serve others and give them good food.


We primarily work with Humanitri through their transition homes ministry. Providing Transformational Housing helping families facing homelessness achieve stability in a safe and supportive community, providing the skills and resources they need to thrive. In addition to helping get houses and apartments ready to be homes we also provide extra Christmas warmth each year with our giving tree. 

Immanuel Breakfast at Antioch Baptist 

 Once a month we work with our sister church to provide a Sunday Morning Breakfast to the    homeless community of St Louis. Teams head down to prepare, serve and share time with the people that come for the meal.

Room At the Inn

 Atonement opens its doors to homeless families for a safe place to stay. Additionally we offer dinner and breakfast and when appropriate we provide entertainment. A dedicated team of volunteers works hard each month to make that night a little nicer.

Helping Hand 

  When a family is dealing with the death of a loved one our Helping Hand team can step in help by providing a luncheon for the family and guests following the funeral service.

T.E.A.M and PAKT

 Each month we collect non perishable good for two of the area food pantries. Additionally, food from the Atonement community gardens are also donated to provide fresh vegetables.

These are just some of the ways Atonement provides service opportunity's for members and friends to get involved with church and community. There are more ways to get involved at church we just cant list them all or some of them have there own pages like Men's Club, Atonement Women (A.W.E), and Youth group.  If You have more Questions or would like to get involved please call the church office- (314) 837-1224, or fill out the contact page and send it in some one will get in contact with you.  

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