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Updated Nov 11 - Change to Tour cost for Dec 7 & May 23 tours; Oct 26 - Meeting and tour information reflect updated status as of the October meeting at church.  Please note that the departure time for the Dec 22 Tour to the Fox has been changed to 12:00 noon instead of 12:15 as previously advertised.

Contact Don Kuethe if you have questions about tours at 314-831-8478. 

To avoid any chance of being denied admittance each individual must carry proof of vaccination on all tours.


Atonement Seniors Alive is a Christian organization for adults fifty years of age and above.  Our purpose is to provide a format for fellowship and social activities for members and friends.

We understand that people have busy schedules that include responsibilities to families and service to others.  For these reasons, our goal is to focus on fun and fellowship so that we can “unwind” and concentrate on enjoyment.

Our program is set up to provide activities as follows:

·        Monthly meetings at Atonement Fellowship Hall that feature entertainment or informational programs.  Typically at 1:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month unless a holiday or special event requires another day or time.  Refreshments and a time to enjoy fellowship are also a part of the agenda.

·        Tours are provided on a monthly basis.  All are planned by experienced people within our group and provide an economical, fun and informational experience.  Costs are all inclusive.

          Day tours explore interesting places that don’t require an overnight stay.  “Behind the scenes” information is provided by the location or by walk-on guides.

          Extended (two or three day) tours are offered at least once per year.  A range of destinations have been offered such as Memphis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Nashville.   Again, cost is all inclusive and the tours include guides for the major attractions.

Call Don Kuethe at (314) 831-8478 for more information on tours.

                                                                    Meeting Schedule

All meetings are on the fourth Monday of the month and begin at 1:30 PM, except where noted

                                                                 2022 Entertainment

Nov 28 - Channel 5 weatherman Scott Connell

The ins & outs of weather forecasting 

Dec 19 - Gateway Harmonica Club - 3RD MONDAY, MEET AT NOON

Christmas Program


                                               2023 Tours

                               Proof of vaccination required

Dec 7, 2022 (Wed) - Sheldon Coffee Concert - Tim Schall "That Time of the Year"

Bus leaves at 8:15 am and returns at 2:30 pm.  Cost is $78 per person

Dec 16, 2022 (Fri) - St Louis Symphony - Mercy Holiday Celebration

Bus leaves at 11:00 am and returns at 4:00 pm.  Cost is $99 per person

Dec 22, 2022 (Thurs) - Fox Theater - ELF the Musical

Bus leaves at 12:00 pm and returns at 6:00 pm  Cost is $100 per person

Jan 2023 - No Tour

Feb 18 (Sat) - Royal Dumpe - Dinner and fun

Bus leaves at 6:15 pm and returns at 10:00 pm   Cost is $115 per person

Mar 22 (Wed) - Greenville, IL - featuring DeMoulin Museum plus

Bus leaves at 9:00 am and returns at 3:00 pm   Cost is $95 per person

Apr 19 (Wed) - Mystery Tour - It's Gonna be FUN

Bus leaves at 9:00 am and returns at 5:45 pm  Cost is $89 per person

May 23 - 25 (Tue - Thur) - Iowa - John Wayne, Madison County & Amanna Colonies

Bus leaves Tue at 7:00 am and returns Thur at 8:00 pm  Cost is $620 sgl, $500 dbl per person

Jun 22 - (Thur) - Hermann - much to see in German settlement

Bus leaves at 7:30 am and returns at 5:15 pm  Cost is $99

Jul 11 (Tue) - Cahokia Race Track - Wild Tuesday w/buffet

Bus and cost info TBD

Aug 30 (Wed) - Grafton, IL - Take the skyride to the winery

Bus and cost info TBD

Sep 6 (Wed) - Eckert's Orchard & Cahokia - pick a few apples and visit the mounds

Bus leaves at 8:45 am and returns at 3:45 pm  Cost is $81

Oct 24 - 25 (Tue - Wed) - Mark Twain's Hannibal - including a dinner cruise

Bus leaves Tue at 8:00 am and returns Wed at 3:30pm  Cost is $305 sgl, $245 dbl 

Nov 5 (Sun) - Cornerstone Chorale & Brass - Bruce Vantine's Annual Concert Tour

Bus leaves at 12:30 pm and returns at 6:00 pm   Cost is $89

                               Our Tours are  All-Inclusive

Contact: Don Kuethe (314-831-8478) for further information or reservations


                                                    NOTE 1:   Deposits required for reservations

                                                    NOTE 2:  Payment Plans are available.

                                                    NOTE 3:  Make checks payable to: Atonement Seniors Alive

                                                    NOTE 4:  Itinerary Sheets are available at meetings or upon request.


                                                    BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR CONTACT PERSON SLIP AVAILABLE FOR HOSTS