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Updated July 9, 2021 - Meeting entertainment has been updated through November as shown below. 

Tours for 2021 are listed below.  Covid vaccination is required to participate in all the 2021 tours.  Planning for the 2022 season is taking shape and will be available in the coming months.  The 2022 tour season begins in December 2021 with three events that will be announce at our next meeting at church.  Call Don Kuethe at 314-831-8478 if you have questions about the tours.


Atonement Seniors Alive is a Christian organization for adults fifty years of age and above.  Our purpose is to provide a format for fellowship and social activities for members and friends.

We understand that people have busy schedules that include responsibilities to families and service to others.  For these reasons, our goal is to focus on fun and fellowship so that we can “unwind” and concentrate on enjoyment.

Our program is set up to provide activities as follows:

·        Monthly meetings at Atonement Fellowship hall that feature entertainment or informational programs.  Typically at 1:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month unless a holiday or special event requires another day or time.  Refreshments and a time to enjoy fellowship are also a part of the agenda.

·        Tours are provided on a monthly basis.  All are planned by experienced people within our group and provide an economical, fun and informational experience.  Costs are all inclusive.

          Day tours explore interesting places that don’t require an overnight stay.  “Behind the scenes” information is provided by the location or by walk-on guides.

          Extended (two or three day) tours are offered at least once per year.  A range of destinations have been offered such as Memphis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Nashville.   Again, cost is all inclusive and the tours include guides for the major attractions.

Call Don Kuethe at (314) 831-8478 for more information on tours.

                                                                    Meeting Schedule

All meetings are on the fourth Monday of the month and begin at 1:30 PM, except where noted

                                                                 2021 Entertainment

26 April - Meet in person at Atonement in Fellowship Hall

17 May (3rd Monday) - Travelogue by Steve Galati 

Views from the air including the Grand Canyon with interesting description 

28 June - Barbara Kay - is Abigail Adams

Barbara gives us an insight to the life of the wife of the second president John Adams and mother of the sixth president John Quincy Adams

26 July - Bill Wesche - Musical Bingo

Enjoy good music and a friendly bingo game with the theme "Feel Good Fifties"  - might even win a prize ...

23 August - An Afternoon with Marge

Whether it is cooking, singing or just life in general, Marge brings a light hearted perspective with a great deal of humor

27 September - Better Business Bureau - Current Scams

BBB gives us a view of what threats are out there and how to avoid them

25 October - "Beer Barons of St Louis" - Bellefountaine Cemetery

Dan Fuller highlights eleven of the more provocative out of more than sixty Beer Barons buried at Bellefountaine

22 November - Music by Gene Tisius & friend 

Gene on the guitar and a bass player return after a couple of years for an afternoon of music 

13 December (second Monday) - TBD 

We celebrate Christmas

                                            2021 Tours


May - Branson tour rescheduled to Oct


Jun - Iowa tour rescheduled to Aug

Jul 28 - (Weds) The Muny - dine/tour/show "Smokey Joe's Cafe"

Bus leaves at 5:15 pm, returns 11:00 pm.  Cost is $85 per person


Aug 18-20 (Weds-Fri) - Up to Iowa for a paddlewheel boat ride down the river through the locks to the Quad Cities

Bus leaves at 9:00 am Weds, returns 2:00 pm Fri.  Cost is $525 single, $475 double per person 

Sep 16 (Thurs) - Union Station - Aquarium & Ferris Wheel Plus

Bus leaves 9:30 am, returns 5:00 pm  Cost is $90

Oct 5-7 (Tues-Thurs) - Branson - The Showboat, Titanic, "Jesus" at the Sight & Sound Theater and more

Bus leaves at 7:30 am Tues, returns 8:00 pm Thurs.  Cost is $650 single, $550 double per person

Nov 10 (Weds) - Veterans Memorial - downtown & Lanterns on Locust

Bus leaves at 11:15 am, returns 4:30 pm.  Cost is $69 per person

                               Our Tours are  All-Inclusive

Contact: Don Kuethe (314-831-8478) for further information or reservations


                                                    NOTE 1:   Deposits required for reservations

                                                    NOTE 2:  Payment Plans are available.

                                                    NOTE 3:  Make checks payable to: Atonement Seniors Alive

                                                    NOTE 4:  Itinerary Sheets are available at meetings or upon request.


                                                    BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR CONTACT PERSON SLIP AVAILABLE FOR HOSTS