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Service Sunday 2023

Thank you to everyone who made Service 2023 a success!  We were the hands of God as 17 projects were completed.  

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We created 20 Goody Bags for our shut-in members that included snacks, toiletries, and scriptures to ensure our continued connection. 

480 delicious chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and white chocolate chunk cookies were baked and delivered to first responders in the area.  Blessings for the belly. 

Both large and small hygiene kits were created for TEAM and Red Circle. The kits contained necessities that ensure dignity is kept even when people are going through a tough season.   

An abundance of Red Bags were created and are stored in the office for parishioners to pick up and share with people in transition who need a blessing bag filled with nourishment. 

Great conversation and smiles all around could be spotted at the fleece hat-making table.   "I told my kids,  I have to forge my own way to a new journey ...and it's Atonement." (Quote I overheard.)

Christian Hospital Northeast and Northwest emergency rooms received 100 bags for kids which included snacks and activity supplies to keep them busy while they wait in the ER.

Gateway 180 appreciated the 88 brown bag lunches and 22 snack bags.

The Yard Work for Members group did an excellent job of clearing debris and having fun.  

The A Red Circle clean-up team prepared the garden for winter and also harvested a hefty bounty of vegetables that were subsequently donated to an area church.  Yummy.   

Faith, fellowship, and focusing on our neighbors was the trend of the day.

Service Sunday was a success!  

Thank you notes were written for veterans who will participate in the St. Louis Lambert Airport Honor Flight. 

We were blessed with children and teens who did an awesome job of creating loving messages in cards that were placed in our bags.   Messages read,  "You matter", "God loves you", "We care", etc.   

On behalf of the Service Sunday Committee, thank you!

Joycelyn Pugh-Walker

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