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Atonement’s is new to the video game. We are learning as we go. Below is a number of videos of various areas of the church and school. We rather be together in person but we pray that these help you connect with God.

Please enjoy.

We are working to put together a new team to run our media systems.

For older video's check out our YouTube Page.

There was a technical glitch with the YouTube video from Sunday 8-16-20.    The opening of the video indicates the date of August 8-9.   It is in fact for the current week of August 15-16.   This opening screen lasts well into the video.  The actual service picks up at time stamp 33:38.  You can scroll forward to that the spot where worship begins.


 8th Grade Class of 2020 Graduation 

The Lutheran Church of the Atonement.

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