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Eagle Athletics

Each year The Atonement Eagles take the field, court and track representing the school in Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and Track. Youth in 5-8th grade play at age appropriate levels against other Lutheran schools around the area.

Sports are privilege and students must maintain grades in all classes and have acceptable behavior to be eligible to play.  

Attitude Development Goals – Christian athletes develop a proper Christian attitude.

  • Competitiveness: Competition is necessary for a person to realize his/her full potential.  It provides motivation for the individual to do their best without being satisfied with past accomplishments.

  • Hard Work: Athletes gain self-confidence through hard work because they know they are prepared to face challenges.

  • Self-Discipline: Sacrifices of time and energy will develop a strong mind and body.  Athletes work their hardest at every practice and every game.  

  • Sportsmanship: Display the best in attitude, desire, hard work, and self-control both on and off the athletic field.

  • Accepting Advice: To be successful, the athlete must believe that their coach knows what is best for them and realize that the coach has the athlete’s best interest in mind.

  • Team Unity: Accept and develop the philosophy that to be a positive force in society.  The individual must learn to work with others as part of a team. Team success is never accomplished by individuals alone.

  • Pride in Self and School: Pride in self and school will come as the result of confidence gained through being part of a team and doing your best to the glory of God and in support of others.

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