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Endowment Fund
Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in the Atonement Endowment Fund!


If you have questions, please contact an Endowment Fund Committee member.

   David Cole            (314) 921-4264

   Cathy Hohl            (314) 862-3822
   Norm Koch            (314) 602-2152
   Jane Meyerkord    (314) 731-2658


You can also email the Committee at


If you or your executor is ready to arrange for a gift to the Fund, please contact our Parish Administrator, Cathy Mifflin:

(314) 837-1224


Please note that the Committee and Parish Administrator are happy to assist, but cannot provide specific guidance on decisions you make about supporting the Endowment Fund.  We encourage you to talk to trusted advisors for estate, financial, legal, and tax issues.   

Want to Know More?

Please visit the Giving page to learn how you can contribute to the Endowment Fund now and in the future, and the Resources page to access the Fund Charter, videos, FAQs, and more.

Please contact us if you have questions

or want to contribute to the Endowment Fund.

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