Atonement Endowment Fund

Leaving a Legacy for the Future

Mission and Ministry Now

On-going giving to the Lutheran Church of the Atonement has and continues to allow us to:

  • Gather in Worship

  • Minister through Word and Sacrament

  • Teach Young and Old

  • Visit the Sick and Shut-in

  • Comfort the Dying

  • Assist Those in Need

Mission and Ministry in the Future

The Atonement Endowment Fund looks forward by setting aside funds to enhance God’s mission for our church in the future.  Gifts and bequests to the Fund are invested and grow over time to have a sizable pool of money from which a portion can be withdrawn to support the specific purposes of the Fund in these vital areas:

  • Parish Nursing and Wellness

  • Christian Education

  • Worship and Music

  • Social Ministry

  • Professional Development

  • Capital Improvements

August Mission of the Month
is the Endowment Fund


The August Mission of the Month is different from our other monthly missions because your giving is not put to work right away.  Instead, just as seeds are planted to grow into something useful in the future, funds designated for the Atonement Endowment Fund are invested to grow over time to support mission and ministry at Atonement in the future.

You can contribute to the Endowment Fund through your estate and through immediate gifts, including participation in the August Mission of the Month.  Before you seal your offering envelope, add the additional amount you want to give to the Endowment Fund.  On the front indicate how much of your total giving is for “One Fund” and under “Other” write “Endowment” and the amount.

God's Chosen Pool

As they have for the past seven years, Atonement’s Men’s Club is providing incentives to anyone who makes a gift to the Endowment Fund from August 2 through September 4.  Men’s Club will match donations through a graduated formula up to $100. After your donation is posted, Steve Rosenfeld will contact you to  thank you for your contribution, discuss the matching fund program, and give you information about optional entry into a fun football pool “God’s Chosen Pool.” A donation of $25 or more entitles you to a Men’s Club BBQ certificate.



The Endowment Fund was established many years ago but mainly remained dormant until 2012, when a committee reviewed and revived the Fund.  Details of the Fund are available here.  


Annual disbursements from the Fund have supported the following:

  • Lutheran Summer Music Program

  • Continuing Education Conference for a Pastor

  • Parish Nurse Program

As the Fund grows, larger disbursements will be possible.

Fund Balance

2022 Month End

Balance History

Balance By Month.jpg

Year End

Balance History

Balance By Year Through 2021 Image.jpg


Because the Fund assets are invested for long-term growth, the balance is expected to fluctuate as financial markets go up and down.

Want to Know More?

Please visit the Giving page to learn how you can contribute to the Endowment Fund now and in the future, and the Resources page to access the Fund Charter, videos, FAQs, and more.

Please contact us if you have questions

or want to contribute to the Endowment Fund.