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Eagle Initiative

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Atonement Lutheran School is driven by a passionate commitment to provide a Christ-centered education that nurtures academic excellence, fosters spiritual growth, and character development. As we strive to make a meaningful difference, we recognize the invaluable role that partners like you play in turning aspirations into reality. To continue our mission to meet the evolving needs of our students and staff, we are embarking on an ambitious project that requires the support of our community partners. 


We believe that by partnering with us in the Eagle Initiative, you will be an essential part of building up the next generation of scholars, leaders in the community, and long-lasting teacher quality. By contributing to this initiative, you will play a vital role in deepening the educational experiences of 165+ students who will benefit from the enhancements in educational resources and programming, classroom improvements, technology upgrades, scholarship awards, and teacher retention. We are confident that with your support, we can continue to instill values and principles that will guide our students throughout their lives. 

Donation opportunities

*Cash       *Check: Atonement      *Debit/credit: 

1285 North New Florissant Rd. Florissant, MO 63031  

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